The Kinks – The Journey Part 1

The Kinks – The Journey Part 1

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Songs About Becoming A Man, The Search For Adventure, Finding An Identity And A Girl
A1 You Really Got Me
A2 All Day And All Of The Night
A3 It's All Right
A4 Who'll Be The Next In Line
A5 Tired Of Waiting For You
A6 She's Got Everything
A7 Just Can't Go To Sleep
A8 Stop Your Sobbing
A9 Wait Till The Summer Comes Along
A10 So Long

Songs Of Ambition Achieved, The Bitter Taste Of Success, Loss Of Friends, The Past Comes Back And Bites You In The Back-side
B1 Dead End Street
B2 Schooldays
B3 The Hard Way
B4 Mindless Child Of Motherhood
B5 Supersonic Rocket Ship
B6 I'm In Disgrace
B7 Do You Remember Walter?

Days And Nights Of A Lost Soul, Songs Of Regret And Reflection Of Happier Times
C1 Too Much On My Mind
C2 Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl
C3 Days
C4 Where Have All The Good Times Gone
C5 Strangers
C6 It's Too Late
C7 Sitting In The Midday Sun

A New Start, A New Love, But Have You Really Changed? Still Haunted By The Quest And The Girl
D1 Waterloo Sunset
D2 No More Looking Back
D3 Death Of A Clown
D4 Celluloid Heroes
D5 Act Nice And Gentle
D6 This Is Where I Belong

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