(Pre-owned) Alan Silvestri ‎– Avengers: Infinity War

(Pre-owned) Alan Silvestri ‎– Avengers: Infinity War

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3xLP on colored vinyl representing Mind (Yellow), Reality (Red) and Soul (Orange) stones
Mondo Records pressing

Record / Sleeve - NM/NM

A1 The Avengers
A2 Travel Delays (Extended)
A3 Undying Fidelity
A4 No More Surprises
A5 He Won't Come Out (Extended)

B1 Field Trip
B2 Wake Him Up
B3 We Both Made Promises (Extended)
B4 Help Arrives (Extended)

C1 Hand Means Stop / You Go Right (Extended)
C2 One Way Ticket
C3 Family Affairs (Extended)
C4 What More Could I Lose? (Extended)

D1 A Small Price
D2 Even For You
D3 Morning After
D4 Is He Always Like This?
D5 More Power
D6 Charge!

E1 Forge
E2 Catch
E3 Haircut And Beard (Extended)
E4 A Lot To Figure Out (Extended)
E5 The End Game (Extended)

F1 Get That Arm / I Feel You (Extended)
F2 What Did It Cost? (Extended)
F3 Porch
F4 Infinity War
F5 Old Tech
F6 End Credits

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